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  1. I have a crate v3112 with the stock celestion 70/80 in it...i was thinking about changing it out...possibly to a Celestion G-12M Greenback... wondering what you think? comparisions of the sounds of the a 70/80 and a greenback? any other speaker suggestions? i know the new ones come with tone tubb..
  2. Celestion Seventy 80, zweifellos ein unterschätzter Lautsprecher, zu Unrecht im Vergleich zu Greenback, Vintage 30 oder anderen High-End-Lautsprechern, sagen wir Ihnen Eigenschaften und Meinungen dieses Mitteltöners, die mehr als viele vermuten lassen
  3. The Celestion Seventy 80 is a loudspeaker of character - or of the English or British type. If you compare the frequency curves with other classic Celestion speakers, as you might expect it doesn't have a clear resemblance to either. If we want to bring it closer to a model, maybe in the mids and lows we can bring it closer to the Greenback but in the part of the mid-high and high curve it.
  4. Celestion Vintage 30 Celestion G12 V-Type Celestion Seventy 80 Celestion G12M-65 Creamback; Leistung: 60 Watt: 70 Watt: 80 Watt: 65 Watt: Größe: 12 12 12 12 Impedanz: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: Resonanzfrequenz: 75 Hz: 75 Hz: 85 Hz: 75 Hz: Frequenzbereich: 70 Hz - 5 kHz: 70 Hz - 5 kHz: 80 Hz - 5 kHz: 75 Hz - 5 kHz.

Celestion Seventy 80, Eigenschaften und Meinungen dieses

Celestion Seventy 80 Test 12 Gitarrenlautsprecher Leicht und günstig. von Thomas Dill . 27.03.2014. 857 (4.5 / 5) In dieser Folge unseres Testmarathons für Gitarrenlautsprecher werden wir einen recht günstigen Speaker aus dem Hause Celestion in die Mangel nehmen - den Celestion Seventy 80. Wer seine 4x12 Box mit diesem Lautsprecher neu bestücken möchte, muss nicht sehr tief in die Tasche. ive check the specs at celestion.com and the speakers are about the same except the the 70/80 is 80 watts and the G12t is 75 watts, any one have any experince on the seventy 80 how they sound like vs the G12T-75? I got bought a cab and the seller says it was a G12T-75 but when I got home and check the speakers it was Seventy 80. Did i get jiffed

Celestion Seventy 80, characteristics and opinions of this

  1. Anyways I love the Celestion Seventy 80s but not as the main sound (run a stereo set-up). The Seventy 80s has huge body and midrange; it is perhaps the most bassiest speaker I've used. It doesn't have the complex and rich highs as in Blues or Greenbacks even, but it is a solid workman speaker
  2. You might be on to something with this.Because the G12P-80 [Seventy 80] is so often stock in many low to mid priced production amps,as well as not being as highly regarded as most other Classic Series Celestions,causes many to quickly dismiss the speaker and make a speaker swap before it even has a chance to break in properly.I tend to like the speaker in some darker voiced combos,as well as.
  3. grüß euch! kann mir jemand etwas über den klanglichen unterschied zwischen den beidenchassis celestion VINTAGE 30 und SEVENTY 80's sagen? die 70 80's verbaut z.b. laney. außerdem nehme ich an, dass alle boxen jedes herstellers, die die vintage 30 verbauen, gleich bzw ähnlich klingen. einzige unterschiede werden (durch die offene/geschlossene gehäusekonstruktion und das volumen bedingt.
  4. Hi Guys. I've recently purchased a cabinet with Seventy 80's in it. Now I have a bugera 333xl. I like the sounds of the amp except it seems to have wa..
  5. Es muss ca. 1978 gewesen sein, als Celestion den G12-65 als Nachfolger der G12Mund G12H-Modelle präsentierte.Bald darauf wurde der G12M-70 herausgebracht, um alsbald vom G12T-75 ersetzt zu werden, dann kam der G12-80 und so fort. Im Jahre 1986 die erste Rückbesinnung: Der Vintage 30 kommt auf dem Markt und soll an den AlNiCo-Ton der Celestion Bulldogs anknüpfen
  6. In this video, I am comparing a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker to a Celestion Seventy 80 speaker. Each of these speakers is loaded into a different 2x12 cabin..
  7. We had a few moments spare in the workshop so decided to make a few short shoot out videos. In this video we chose Celestion's Vintage 30 and G12M greenback...

Comparison of 5 type of Celestion Speaker: Seventy80 Greenback G12T75 G12B150 Vintage 30 Amp: Marshall Dsl40 Celestion Seventy 80 speakers are some of the most criticized speakers of all time. This post will discuss the pros and cons of the speakers and why they have received such ridicule. Are Celestion 70/80 speakers really that bad? This is my full review and experience using and testing a Celestion 70/80 speaker. Subjectivity of Tone. Sound and tone are all personally subjective. I have. Celestion Vintage 30 vs Seventy 80 - Marshall SL5 Slas

Gitarrenlautsprecher im Direkt-Vergleich :: Boned

Seventy 80 to beef up your first 4×12. Vintage Tone. In the 1960s, as players demanded greater amplification for increasingly louder and more raucous performances, amp builders turned to Celestion to provide reliable speakers that could handle the extra punishment and provide a sound that suited the new musical styles of the time. Then, we were simply making the best speakers we possibly. 2x Celestion G12M-65 Creamback mit 8 Ohm 2x Celestion Heritage G12-65 mit 8 Ohm Eine der beiden Speaker-Duos soll in eine 2x12 Marshal MR1936, welche zu einer 4x12 1960BX im vier Greenback G12M-25 ergänzend hinzustoßen soll... Amp ist ein JVM410H

Celestion G12M-25 Greenback Gitarrenlautsprecher, Greenback, 12, 25 Watt, 8ohm, Ich hatte schon lange vor mir endlich mal die eine, richtige Box für meine eGitarren zu bauen, um zuhause üben zu können In 1927 the Celestion Radio Company and Celestion Ltd. were formed, which grew and became highly successful quickly. The new models C10, C12, C14 and C24 were came to market, especially the C10 and C12 were highly praised. For many years Celestion advertising would carry the phrase The very Soul of Music. In 1929 Celestion Ltd. moved across the Thames to Kingston upon Thames, now listed as. Celestion G12M-25 Greenback 16 Ohm. 125 € 149 € 18 . Celestion G12T-75 8 Ohm. 114 € 130 € 13 . Celestion Seventy 80 8 Ohm. 77 € 90 € 18 . Celestion F12-X200. 159 € 173 € Celestion Midnight 60 8 Ohms. 85 € 22 . Celestion G12H-150 Redback 8 Ohms. 149 € 168 € 1989 . Harley Benton G212 Vintage. 229 € 30 . Celestion Alnico Blue 12,8 Ohm. 289 € 328 € 78 . EV EVM 12L. Celestion G10 Greenback 8 Ohm. € 98. € 125. 9404 . the sssnake SM6BK. € 4,98. 10899 . Millenium GS-2001 E. € 7,90. 4005 . Millenium MS 2002 Mic Stand. € 15,90 . 7 . Celestion Seventy 80 16 Ohm. € 65. € 90. 12 . Celestion Rocket 50 8 Ohm. € 58. € 64. Celestion Midnight 60 8 Ohms. € 84. 200 . Celestion Vintage 30 - 8 Ohm. € 109. € 154. 19 . Celestion G12T Hot 100 8 Ohm. Celestion hat in den späten 1960er Jahren den G12H entwickelt indem die Ingenieure einen 'H'-Magneten (H=heavy) auf das Chassis des G12M montierten. So wurde der 'M'-Magnet (medium) ersetzt während das Chassis, die Schwingspule und die Membrane unverändert blieben. Das Ergebnis war eine höhere Belastbarkeit, ein höherer Wirkungsgrad sowie präzisere Bässe und etwas betontere Höhen. Ein.

Comparison test of Celestion speakers: Seventy 80 vs Greenback vs Creamback 65. Amp: Marshall dsl 40c. Recorded with a Zoom H4n and a Shure sm57 on the center of the speakers. Amp: Marshall Dsl 40c Guitars: Fender Stratocaster American Standard with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity Fender Jazzmaster Bl.. Celestion CL80's vs Greenbacks vs ??? Thread starter dstroud; Start date Mar 28, 2011; dstroud Well-known member. Mar 28, 2011 #1 I like the tone of the Greenbacks, they just feel a little sluggish to me after playing some other speakers. Was thinking of trying CL80's - any advice or opinions? TIA! 311splawndude Well-known member. Mar 28, 2011 #2 I had a Classic Lead 80 (along with a G12H30. Celestion Vintage 30 Celestion G12 V-Type Celestion Seventy 80 Celestion G12M-65 Creamback; Leistung: 60 Watt: 70 Watt: 80 Watt: 65 Watt: Größe: 12 12 12 12 Impedanz: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: Resonanzfrequenz: 75 Hz: 75 Hz: 85 Hz: 75 Hz: Frequenzbereich: 70 Hz - 5 kHz: 70 Hz - 5 kHz: 80 Hz - 5 kHz: 75 Hz - 5 kHz: Kennschalldruck: 100 dB: 98 dB: 98 dB 97 dB: Magnet: Keramik: Keramik: Kerami

Usually when you see custom celestion on a cheap crappy sounding cab it means Seventy 80's with a different sticker on them. Maybe go have a look at what WGS or Weber have to offer if you are. The new Seventy 80 impulse responses, as with all genuine Celestion IRs, have been digitally captured by expert sound engineers in a world-class recording studio, meticulous recording techniques and state -of-the-art equipment. Celestion used the same range of professional, studio mics (Shure SM57, Royer R-121 and Sennheiser MD421) in the same six fully-adjustable positions as the current range of cabinet impulse response to offer the same options - Balanced, Bright, Thin, Fat, Dark and.

My only experience is with the G12H-anni 8 ohm and the Celestion 70/80.. very different speakers.. The difference I hear from the V30 and the G12H is that the latter is brighter (higher and more spiky output in the 2-4kHz region) more laid back mids from 400-800Hz, more low end around in an open back cab.. The V30 to my ears can be a little bit mid heavy in an open back cab. The 70/80 sounds very good for clean tones imobright and articulate speaker.. not good for bright amps. I have yet to reach the break in point with 70/80 thats in a 1x12 combo at the moment. I swapped a Emi Private jack (which has ALOT of the greenback character so it lost a bit of the Amps character and took over more of the speakers tone.. where the 70/80 is very neutral in this respect

Celestion Seventy 80 Test :: Boned

In 1986 Celestion was faced with the task of building a new modern speaker to meet the demands of harder rock amplifiers. Guitarists in the '80s required a speaker that could handle more power and overdrive. Before the Vintage 30 was the Greenback. The Greenback is a great speaker in the right amplifier but it suffers in higher wattage amplifier Seventy 80: THE modelling amp supremo G12H-75 Creamback : 75-watts of power handling with an unmistakable G12H tone: tight lows and a punchy dynamic high end. More Powe Klingt am Anfang als neuer Speaker natürlich nicht Wie eine schön ausgeleierter Greenback, der schon 20 Jahre gebraten wurde (verliert im Laufe der Zeit die schrilleren hohen Mitten) klingt er erstmal nicht. Aber nach ein bisschen Einfahren mit einem tiefen (fast unhörbaren) Ton für ein paar Stunden (mehrmals) klingts dann schon ganz anders! Ist auf jeden Fall nicht so schrill wie ein V30 und hat eine sehr gute Auflösung in den Mitten. Netz ist ja voll von Kommentaren... Wie gesagt. Letztens im direkten Vergleich mit Greenback war aber am größten was festzustellen. Das ist echt wie Tag und Nacht. Es gibt auch ein ziemlich gutes Vergleich Video wo die abwertende Meinung über den 70'80 entschärft wird, finde ich. Celestion Vintage 30 vs. Celestion Seventy 80 on Yerasov Classic Und was auch sehr empfehlenswert ist, wäre

g12t-75 vs seventy 80 MarshallForum

Comparison test of Celestion speakers: Seventy 80 vs Greenback vs Creamback 65. Amp: Marshall dsl 40c. Recorded with a Zoom H4n and a Shure sm57 on the center of the speakers. Amp: Marshall Dsl 40c Guitars: Fender Stratocaster American Standard with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity Fender Jazzmaster Blacktop with a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 on the bridg More of a greenback with more muscles. The Creamback 75H is a heavy magnet speaker. So the equivalent should be the Reaper HP, isn´t it? best. 20 user reviews on Celestion Vintage 30 Log in; Become a member; ALL GEAR. Bass very happy with this purchase, but the 4x12 of the same brand is not me they are trying Celestion seventy 80 hp good and I wanted something beefier after some testing and research my choice of a 4x12 cab that provides a classic (ie not me that my ears are choosing ) a Marshall 1960b with 4 G12T75 made in uk. Celestion Seventy 80, 12 Chassis mit 8 Ohm, Frequenzgang 80Hz-5kHz, Ceramic Magnet, 80 Watt RMS, Sensitivity 98dB, Voice Coil 1,75, Passend für einen Lochausschnitt mit Ø 283mm, Gewicht 3,1K Comparison test of Celestion speakers: Seventy 80 vs Greenback vs Creamback 65. Amp: Marshall dsl 40c. Recorded with a Zoom H4n and a Shure sm57 on the cente. Der Celestion Greenback 10 wurde entwickelt, um den legendären Klang der Celestion 10s aus den 70ern einzufangen. Art.Nr.: ce-t5646 Lieferzeit: ca. 2-4 Tage* Versandgewicht: 4,5 kg je Stück 99,00 EUR Art.Nr.: ce-t5646 Lieferzeit: ca. 2-4 Tage* inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand. Stück: In den Warenkorb Celestion G10 Vintage 10 / 60 W / 8 Ohm Durch das gleiche Spulen-Design wie beim Vintage. Celestion Seventy 80, 12 Chassis mit 16 Ohm, Frequenzgang 80Hz-5kHz, Ceramic Magnet, 80 Watt RMS, Sensitivity 98dB, Voice Coil 1,75, Passend für einen Lochausschnitt mit Ø 229mm, Gewicht 3,1Kg Mit Liebe serviert

Celestion Vintage 30 Celestion G12 V-Type Celestion Seventy 80 Celestion G12M-65 Creamback; Leistung: 60 Watt: 70 Watt: 80 Watt: 65 Watt: Größe: 12 12 12 12 Impedanz: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: 8 Ohm: Resonanzfrequenz: 75 Hz: 75 Hz: 85 Hz: 75 Hz: Frequenzbereich: 70 Hz - 5 kHz: 70 Hz - 5 kHz: 80 Hz - 5 kHz: 75 Hz - 5 kHz. Mit dem Celestion G12 Der Wirkungsgrad ist nicht sehr hoch. Dafür wird aufgrund der prominenteren Mitten die Durchsetzungsfähigkeit erhöht. Tja, das Klischee trift doch ziemlich genau zu: Celestion Speaker (zumindest der G10 Greenback) klingen mit etwas Verzerrung am besten. Für ganz cleane Sounds ist er mir fast etwas zu nüchtern Für härteren Rock/Metal finde ich eigentlich nur Celestion Speaker gut und da auch nur G12h30 Anniversary (super trolle Midrange, sehr kernig, V30. Greenback ist bei viel Zerre (ab Van Halen Zerrgrad) ziemlich sisselig/matschi The G12M Greenback is perhaps the definitive vintage Celestion ceramic magnet guitar speaker. Developed in the mid-sixties it was quickly adopted by players like Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and Page who typified the louder and more aggressive blues rock playing styles that came to characterize that era. The G12M-65 Creamback produces the familiar woody G12M tone but handles greater power, making it.

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  1. interessant war für mich der A/B - vergleich eines 18 w plexi clones mit dem eingebauten GM 20 celestion heritage greenback (179 € bei TAD, viel besser als die neuen standard greenbacks, die auch nicht schlecht sind) und der zusatzbox in identischer größe mit dem GH 30 (made in china, für 109 € bei real guitars)
  2. Produktinformationen Celestion Heritage G12-65 12'' 65W Made In England. Der Vorgänger des G12T-75 wurde ursprünglich geschaffen als eine Version des G12M Greenback mit höherer Belastbarkeit. Typisch für den Rock und Blues Sound der 1980-er war dieser Typ besonders populär in 4x12 Gehäusen und wird von vielen nach wie vor als der beste.
  3. Yeah. EXACTLY as advertised. I replaced the Celestion Seventy 80 in my Stage Right 15 watt tube combo. Even before breaking it in, the difference was astounding. I can't say enough. The only drawback is that it's a 25 watt speaker. I wanted to put a pair in my 2x12 cab for my 100 watt JCM 2000, but I would have blown them up pretty quickly. Short story long, don't hesitate to buy this speaker
  4. The only G12M Greenback Celestion made at that time. The article references your speaker but also focused on the Heritage version of the G12M and G12H models. A bit confusing for someone not that familiar with Celestion offerings over the years. Michael McFarland says: June 2, 2016 at 1:39 pm. part of the confusion is the Cab. EVH makes a 100 Watt head. 4 X 20=80 Watts. Leave a Reply.
  5. Der Celestion G12M Greenback im bonedo-Test - Der Celestion Greenback Lautsprecher gilt als Legende des Rocksounds der 60er und 70er Jahre. Wir bekamen für unseren Testmarathon ein neues Modell aus der Classic Serie zur Verfügung gestellt, den G12M mit 25 Watt Belastbarkeit. Nicht wenige Legenden ranken sich um diesen Lautsprecher, aber auch Mythen, und nicht umsonst wird er auch als.
  6. The 70/80 gives you almost exactly what you put in, but there are better sounding speakers for od sounds. The detailed high end that I like comes from alnico speakers like Weber Chicago Alnico, or Celestion Cream 90. If you can afford these they are a truly good/better substitute. A $99 slightly better guitar speaker is the Celestion V. ceramic with some of the V30 character and fewer flaws

Opinions on Celestion seventy 80 speakers Location: Toronto,Canada. just picked up a fender sc112 cab with a seventy 80 in it closed back for my traynor YGL2 just for some more air pushed and more spread of sound but hear reviews for the seventy 80 are not as good as say the vintage 30 or greenback. anyone use seventy 80s and have a thought about them ? have not got to try it with my. Blackstar HT 5: Celestion70/80 vs Vintage 30. von dave--murray666, 23.09.13. Quick Links. Tipps & Tricks Fragen (FAQ) Regeln. Board-Mitarbeiter. MB bei Facebook . Beliebte Beiträge ★ 1 ★ für Rockin'Daddy Beitrag Nr. 4, 24.09.13 Sponsored by . Seite 1 von 2 1 2 Weiter > dave--murray666 Registrierter Benutzer. Im Board seit: 04.10.09 Zuletzt hier: 11.06.18 Beiträge: 193 Kekse: 10 Erstellt. The Neo Creamback is every ounce a Classic Celestion delivering all the magical tone you'd get from a traditional Creamback. The difference is it's built with a neodymium magnet: making this speaker around half the weight of a traditional ceramic magnet speaker.Celestion's engineers have developed a new and innovative way to better harness the mighty forces of the neodymium magnet. Celestion G12T-75 vs. Celestion Greenbacks G12M-25. Ersteller Razorback&JCM800; Erstellt am 05.11.08; R. Razorback&JCM800 Registrierter Benutzer. Zuletzt hier 15.10.08 Mitglied seit 21.07.08 Beiträge 6 Kekse 0 Ort Obernheim. 05.11.08 #1 Hey, hab mir jetzt einen Marshall JCM800 Kerry King Model geholt. Eigentlich hatte ich vor die standart 1960-Box zu holen, aber es waren nur die 1960AX auf.

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  1. Nun zum Seventy 80 von Celestion: Als Vergleich dient ein Celestion G12B-150. Dieser klingt nicht schlecht, aber häufig bei wenig Lautstärke zu dumpf, es fehlt an Klarheit im Sound. Die Bässe sind ordentlich fett, ebenso die Höhen, die als weniger ausgeprägt als beim Seventy 80 wahrgenommen werden
  2. Das wäre die knappe Umschreibung für den Celestion G12M-65 Creamback, einen noch recht jungen Lautsprecher aus dem Hause Celestion. Er soll in der Lage sein, den beliebten Vintage-Ton des Greenbacks zu liefern, verkraftet aber 65 Watt und lässt sich daher auch schon im Zweierpaket mit einem 100-Watt-Amp befeuern. Kein schlechter Deal also, wenn man sein geliebtes Power-Topteil ausfahren.
  3. A-Type Celestion Blue Celestion G10 Gold Celestion Gold Celestion Ruby Classic Lead 80 Cream G10 Creamback G10 Greenback G10 Vintage G12 EVH G12-35XC G12-50GL Lynchback G12-65 G12H Anniversary G12H-150 Redback G12H-75 Creamback G12K-100 G12M Greenback G12M-65 Creamback G12T-75 Heritage G12H (55) Heritage G12M Neo 250 Copperback Neo Creamback Seventy 80 V-Type Vintage 30. Bass IRs & DSRs by.
  4. A-Type Celestion Blue Celestion G10 Gold Celestion Gold Celestion Ruby Classic Lead 80 Cream G10 Creamback G10 Greenback G10 Vintage G12 EVH G12-35XC G12-50GL Lynchback G12-65 G12H Anniversary G12H-150 Redback G12H-75 Creamback G12K-100 G12M Greenback G12M-65 Creamback G12T-75 Heritage G12H (55) Heritage G12M Neo 250 Copperback Neo Creamback Seventy 80 V-Type Vintage 3
  5. Encontre Celestion Greenback - Instrumentos Musicais no MercadoLivre.com.br! Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online

Celestion G12M-25 Greenback 8 Ohm. € 122. € 149. 574 . Adam Hall 8708 Dish for D-Type Socket. € 1,49. € 3. 763 . Neutrik NC3 MD-L1. € 3,44. € 4,07. 197 . Celestion Vintage 30 - 16 Ohm. € 115. € 154. 89 . Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 8 Ohm. € 119. € 160. 1136 . Harley Benton G112 Vintage. € 129. 21 . Celestion Cream 12 8 Ohms. € 295. € 356. 78 . Celestion G12M-25.

Klang-Unterschied? Celestion V30 - Seventy 80`s Musiker

Video: Celestion Vintage 30's vs Seventy 80 - Ultimate Guita

Verschiedene Celestion Greenbacks im Test GITARRE & BAS

I realized the weak spot on this amp: the stock Celestion Seventy 80 speaker was as foretold - weak and fizzy, especially for my Fender, even when the gain is turned up. Well, I decided that if I have to buy one more speaker, it should be the 65W 16-ohm Creamback, never heard anything less than great reviews on the depth and overall response of this speaker. For the late 70's-style hard rock. Celestion Blue vs. Greenback on Andertons T.V. Celestion Originals Speakers Celestion 20W 8 ohm Eight 15 Speaker. £27.50 The Celestion Seventy 80 is a much bigger beast! Brought to life in the late '90s, this widely-used speaker delivers detailed tones with tight lows, punchy mids and glassy highs. Its 80-watt power rating gives high-wattage amps lots of tonal legroom too. On the. The old Celestions from the late 60s and early 70s had a green plastic back cover and this is why they were nicknamed Greenbacks (no sh*t, Sherlock!), but Greenback does not refer to any specific model i always found that dynamics with a greenback are a little less, the cl80 doesn't really fuss in that regard-- it's like having a little more headroom. urm.. tonally-- the 80 has a WAY stronger bottom end, and on top, it's still a celestion Rola Celestion G12-80, only made for 2 years, big, fat, warm, Greenback like with a big bottom, highly recommended, not to be confused with the current Classic Lead 80. charveldan, Sep 25, 2011 #1. HoneyDo, tonyl, Michael RT and 1 other person like this. RickyLee Well-Known Member VIP Member. Joined: May 22, 2010 Messages: 10,228 Likes Received: 3,603 Location: SoCal U.S.A. One of my favorite.

Celestion Vintage 30 vs Celestion Seventy 80 Speaker (Joyo

Zwar ist der Celestion G12M Greenback nur ein Gitarrenlautsprecher, aber auch einer der Meilensteine in der Rockgeschichte, um den sich viele Mythen ranken. 870 Celestion G12M-65 Creamback Tes - Seventy 80 looks too cheap and positioned by Celestion as low-budget copy of Classic Lead. I'm not on low-budget to buy cheap clones - G12T-100 is positioned as voicing a modern sound with a big bass presence (seems not good for old-school rock). - G12K-100 is positioned as undisputed king of metal, down-tuners in particular will love this speaker's aggressive grind May be.

CELESTION ( セレッション ) >Vintage 30 8Ω ギターアンプ用スピーカー 送料無料

Celestion V30 Vs G12M Greenback - Short Version - YouTub

Hi all, just something I've been wondering, since both are in a similar price range, which of these two would be the better? Celestion Seventy 80 vs... Hi, Everything is in the title Into a 30W all-tube combo, for playing metal at low tuning, with a better sensitivity. Obviously, difficult to test.. I've tried many speakers with the JVM. And whether its Greenbacks, V30's, 65's, G12H30's or 75's they all sound good. The difference is that particular channels will sound even better with particular speakers. I personally think that Santiago was spot on with the V30 and Heritage speaker that he put in the JVM combos for the VX-12, it's a Celestion Seventy 80 From Celestion: General Specifications Nominal diameter 12, 305mm Power rating 80 Wrms Nominal impedance Available 8Ω or 16Ω Sensitivity 98dB Chassis type Pressed steel Voice coil diameter 1.75, 44.5mm Voice coil material Round copper Magnet type Ceramic Magnet weight 31oz, 0.88kg Frequency range 80-5000H

Celestion Speaker Comparison Alnico blue G12H Vintage3

Celestion Speaker Shootout: Seventy80, Greenback, G12T75

Thanks for the clips, Celestion greenbacks are one of the few readily available celestions I have not tried mainly since I play through 212's and the 50Watt rating is just no enough. I preferred the greenbacks in all cases. I used to have a pair of Green Berets and they were nice, only sold them due to the low power rating. I still have and like a pair of ET-65's. I was surprised how much I. From Hendrix to Slash to Brian May and Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen -- the list goes on and on. Some of the most famous guitarists who have carved out what we now perceive as modern rock have been playing through Celestions for decades, whether they're Vintage 30s or Celestion Greenbacks or any number of bass-configured options. Celestion is undoubtedly one of the most important players in the creation of modern rock and roll -- and you've got them to thank for a lot of your favorite songs. The question is, though, the YCX12 comes with a Celestion Seventy 80 and the Blue version comes with a Celestion Vintage 30. How different are these speakers from one another. Looking at charts of the frequency response, they don't look incredibly dissimilar and have the same ohmage. However, the 70/80 is rated for 80 watts and the Vintage 30 for 60. How much of a difference do you guys think.

Celestion speakers, a comprehensive T-number reference list of guitar models: Including vintage 30, greenback, creamback, seventy 80, v-type, alnico blue I'm about to order my Celestion G12M-65 Creamback. I've noticed that the Seventy 80 only has 4 screw for mounting whereas the creamback has 8. I assume because it's slightly heavier. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I've never mounted a new speaker before Also my Seventy 80 used to hiss a bit on the red channels getting worse as you turned up the gain and volume, but I don't recall any on the green channels. With the Creamback I've noticed hiss on the green channels too starting at fairly low volumes. Is this normal and part of it breaking in? Besides the hiss though it sounds awesome out of the box Celestion G12H - ein Celestion Speaker für Jimi Hendrix? Kurz nach den G12M-Greenbacks kam der G12H auf den Markt, der Legende nach speziell für Jimi Hendrix, weil dieser so laut spielte, dass die leistungsschwachen G12M-Modelle ständig kaputtgingen. Der G12H hat einen stärkeren Magneten, mehr Tiefen und Höhen und einen um etwa 3 dB stärkeren Wirkungsgrad. Er ist daher deutlich lauter als ein G12M. Beide Lautsprecher gab es mit einer 003 Lead-Cone oder einer 014 Bass-Cone Encuentra Celestion Greenback en Mercado Libre Chile. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online The Celestion G12T-75 sounds smooth and the frequency range that comes through is wide. The speaker emphasizes the lower mid frequencies and lets very high frequencies through. It lacks pronounced upper mids and can lack presence and could potentially prevent your guitar from cutting through a complex mix but it still sounds great by itself. The speaker sounds good when pushed and does not begin to sound harsh when played loudly. To me this speaker definitely prefers to be used in a closed.

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