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I want to use wireshark to monitor some calls but I don't know how to config my cisco 2960 switch and I need help. Instead of deleting config.txt and vlan.dat, you could rename them, config.old and vlan.old, then when you log back into the switch, go into privileged mode, then rename those files back to their original config.txt and vlan.dat. Since you're already in privileged mode. Reset Cisco 2960 series switch to Factory defaults If you work in networking, to rest a Cisco switch to factory settings is one of those tasks you will often need to do. Whether its an existing switch you can log into or an inherited switch you do not have the password, the below guide will help you reset your Cisco 2960 series switch to factory defaults I am unable to successfully use the method where you hold down the mode button. So, I go to CLI and erase the config.text and vlan.dat files. and then use reload command. It asks me if I want to save: None of the insturctions tell me what to do. I chose yes. When switch reboots, all info is. delete flash:config-txt , confirm will delete the config.txt file. Repeat for all files . Reboot. OS will boot from NVRAM. Sorted. 0 Helpful Reply. Highlighted. InfectedGTi180 . Beginner In response to StevensR0dney. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Mute; Subscribe to RSS Feed; Permalink; Print; Email to a Friend; Report Inappropriate Content ‎10-11-2016 11:33 PM ‎10-11-2016 11:33 PM. Hi.

If your switch has any router cards, the clear config all command does not clear the Cisco IOS Software configuration on the router cards. (Examples of these router cards include WS-X4232-L3 modules on the 4000 switches, Route Switch Modules [RSMs]/Route Switch Feature Cards [RSFCs] on the 5500/5000 switches, or the Multilayer Switch Modules [MSMs]/Multilayer Switch Feature Cards [MSFCs] on. This is my first post in what I hope to be a long line of Cisco networking related posts, as I have just gotten my hands on a bit of used Cisco equipment and hope to use it to setup a home lab. First step of setting up this home lab is to get my two Catalyst 2960s reset to factory defaults. So here is how you do it. Note that I am assuming that you have already established a console connection.

Clearing the Startup Configuration Problem You want to clear an old configuration out of your router and return it to a factory default configuration. Solution You can delete the current - Selection from Cisco IOS Cookbook, 2nd Edition [Book Catalyst 2960 and 2960-S Switches Software Configuration Guide, Release 12.2(58)SE. Chapter Title. Working with the Cisco IOS File System, Configuration Files, and Software Images. PDF - Complete Book (10.07 MB) PDF - This Chapter (373.0 KB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of device clear config - interface hi! what's the command to clear an gigaethernet internface config on a 4506e sw? currently there are lots of qos and security stuffs on some of the gigaethernet port. instead of using the no command for each of the line, is there a command to clear all these config? i just want to configure access vlan on the port To completely remove the configuration, For more information about the info file, see the Catalyst 2960-X Switch Managing Cisco IOS Image Files Configuration Guide. SDM Template Mismatch in Switch Stacks. The LAN Base default template is used with switches in a homogeneous stack, and the LAN Base routing template is used with switches in a mixed stack. All stack members use the Switch.

Book Title. Catalyst 2960 and 2960-S Software Configuration Guide, 12.2(53)SE1. Chapter Title. Managing Switch Stacks. PDF - Complete Book (10.26 MB) PDF - This Chapter (367.0 KB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of device To reset a Cisco router to factory default (removing the startup configuration file), perform these steps: . 1.To erase the configuration file, issue the erase nvram: command. Reload the router by. 2960 - Factory Defaults. Procedure to reset a Cisco 2960 (or 2950) to factory defaults by deleting the configuration files. Connect the blue console cable, and open a TTY session: 9600,8,n,1. - Hitting return should give a prompt, confirming the connection. Press and hold the front panel MODE button, and power-up the switch

via YouTube Captur Cisco Catalyst: Reset/Clear Port Config. October 26, 2018 / Christopher Paquin. Reset Port Config to Default for One Port. Use the command below to clear the configuration on a port. s3560(config)#default interface gigabitEthernet 0/3 Interface GigabitEthernet0/3 set to default configuration. Use the command below to verify that the running config for the port has been reset to the default. I got to the cisco page showing how this is done but i just have a few questions: I've never worked on a 2960 stack, but on a 3750 when you renumber a switch, it doesn't carry the config for the ports over, so once you renumber and reboot it, you'll need to paste the config back in. Normally I copy the original config out and do a find/replace to update all the interface names, then paste. 1) Deleting the switch configuration. This is the easy part. It's the same as deleting the configuration from any other Cisco network IOS device. Basically you need to delete the startup-configuration and then reboot the switch. Switch#erase startup-config. Erasing the nvram filesystem will remove all configuration files! Continue. Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TC-S Managed Ethernet Switch this will merge the configuration with the running configuration so you might want to delete any config.text file if you have recently saved the configuration, reload the switch,enter user exec more (enable) and issue the command I suggested above. Cisco 378,876 Followers Follow. Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TC-S Managed Ethernet Switch (40) 1.

Basic configuration of Cisco 2960 switch. 06.10.2015 . Let's consider the simplest case when you have to hook up 3 departments of a company to different logical networks (Vlans) using one access layer switch Cisco 2960 (Sometimes they are called switches of the second layer of OSI model). For example we need to organize these networks (Vlan): Sales department (192.168.10. 255.255.255.. Catalyst 2960-X Switch VLAN Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2)EX. Chapter Title. Configuring VLANs. PDF - Complete Book (3.07 MB) PDF - This Chapter (1.31 MB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices . ePub - Complete Book (408.0 KB) View in various apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, Sony Reader, or Windows Phone. Print Results. Updated: February 18, 2018. Chapter: Configuring. This is a video over the Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch. I got this from one of my friends in my I.T. class. It came from a warehouse but it still seems to work. One of the typical configuration activities you'll perform on a Cisco Switch is to manipulate VLANs. VLAN stands for Virtual Local Area Network. In one physical cisco switch, you can create multiple VLANs that connects to different network. For example, a VLAN for 10.10.191. network, a VLAN for 10.10.192. network, a

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Reset Cisco 2960 switch password without losing configurations . ChoCho. Feb 15, 2017 · 3 min read. It is quite embarrassing when you are trying to re-configure your switch and unable to remember.

Configuring of VLANs and managment interface of cisco 2960 switch.The link to the text version http://deltaconfig.com/cisco-2960-primary-config/Базовая. This is in Cisco Packet Tracer - this is not a real switch. Default interface config on Cisco Switch 2960 looks like this ! interface FastEthernet0/10 ! Then I put it in switchport mode access ! Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and. Procedure to reset a Cisco 2960 (or 2950) password without losing the switch configuration. Connect the blue console cable, and open a TTY session: 9600,8,n,1. - Hitting return should give a prompt, confirming the connection. Press and hold the front panel MODE button, and power-up the switch. - After a few seconds, the following should display. Release the MODE button. The system has been. Factory Restore Cisco Catalyst 2960-C. admin. 0. More posts by admin. admin. 26 Apr 2016 • 2 min read. I found myself in need of having to wipe & reconfigure a device I no longer had credentials to. In this case, we have to reset the password via the password recovery procedure. Procedures for other devices can be found here. Prerequisites. Cisco Catalyst 2960; Machine w/ Putty (or any.

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Default interface config on Cisco Switch 2960 looks like this Then I put it in switchport mode access However, when I tried to remove it with no To clear out the running config file, simply erase the startup config file and then reload the device. Securing Login to Cisco Devices Cisco devices authenticate users as they log in, but the default configuration uses only simple password security and the enable password command defines the password for the current Do you wish to change the configuration y/n [n]: n? You must reset or power cycle for new config to take effect. Rommon 2. This manual change back to the computer serial port and super terminal 2 transmission rate is 9600. And then typing. Rommon 2 >reset WS-C2960S-48TS-L (You'd better power off) More tips on Cisco 2960 and Cisco boot at While on you can also hold the mode button for 60 seconds. This will rename config.txt to config.txt.renamed then reboot the switch. From there you can keep the old config in there as a backup or just delete flash:config.text.renamed. Or if you are doing a password recovery you can then copy flash:config.text.renamed run, and re-password the device

Step 1: Hit ctrl / break directly after powering up the router. If the break sequence does not work, refer to Standard Break Key Sequence Combinations During Password Recovery for other key combinations. Step 2: type: confreg 0x2142 from rommon 1>. Step 3: type: reset from rommon 2> For any of the config listed type. no first config line... no last config line. If you want to reset the whole switch to factory default just type erase startup-config and then reboot the switch without saving the running-config With the router powered off, connect the power cord to your router, and plug the power cord into your power source. Find the Reset button on the router. Press and hold the Reset button while you power on the router. Release the Reset button after 10 seconds Step 2: Clear Start up config ( Optional for Transparent Switches ) To make sure all Vlan data is removed clear the start up config as well with the following commands. The reason for this is, if the switch was in transparent mode the switch would of stored Vlan data in the start up configs

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How To Back Up and Restore Configuration on CISCO Devices - select the contributor at the end of the page - Sooner or later in your networking career, you will realize that there is nothing more important than backing up your system's configuration. Days, or even months of hard work can disappear in a matter of seconds. That's why it is so important to always take the measures to prevent this. erase startup-config Press Enter to confirm. reload Do not save the system configuration if it prompts for yes or no. Press Enter to confirm reload. Delete the vlan configuration. delete flash:vlan.dat Press Enter twice to confirm. reload Press Enter to confirm. After the switch reloads, confirm the VLAN's have been reset to default configuration Chapter 2 Catalyst 2960 Switch Cisco IOS Commands clear mac address-table move update clear mac address-table move update Use the clear mac address-table move update privileged EXEC command to clear the mac address-table-move update-related counters. clear mac address-table move update Syntax Description This command has no arguments or keywords How to delete a VLAN on Cisco 2960, here, WS-C2960-24TT-L as the example. Caution: When you delete a VLAN, any ports assigned to that VLAN become inactive. They remain associated with the VLAN (and thus inactive) until you assign them to a new VLAN Right when the switch returns with its prompt, you are finished with the initial configuration for your Cisco Catalyst 2960; If you need a Cisco Access Switch that can make with your business, will be powerfully secure, be less unpredictable, be dynamically quick, it must be Cisco 2960 X series. The Cisco2960-X and XR series switches join plans for any endeavor organize. They are stacked Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 and Layer 3 access changes to improve sending, investigating, and the executives.

Resetting Catalyst Switches to Factory Defaults - Cisco

Verify there is a valid image on disk0:/ or the system will not boot. Begin to apply factory-default configuration: Clear all configuration Executing command: interface management0/0 Executing command: nameif management INFO: Security level for management set to 0 by default. Executing command: ip address 255.255.255. Executing command: security-level 100 Executing command: no. Enter n at the prompt to abort the initial configuration dialog. Then press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard to get started. Your system now has NO password protecting it. Reset a switch running Cisco IOS Software to factory defaults. Now that we have unfettered access to the switch console, we can reset the switch to factory defaults Cisco 2960 basic configuration - vlan configuration. 1. Cisco 2960 Basic Configuration - VLAN Configuration How to creat a VLAN for Cisco 2960, below are commands: Switch>enable Switch # configure terminal Switch (config) # vlan vlan-id Switch (config-vlan)# name vlan-name Switch (config-vlan)# mtu mtu-size Switch (config-vlan)#remore-span.

How to Reset Cisco Catalyst 2960 Back to Factory Defaults

  1. At that point, the accompanying focuses are subtle elements of Cisco 2960 switch arrangement. 1. Interface the hosts to the switch and arrange them. Arrange the hosts to utilize a similar IP.
  2. Use the logging source-interface configuration command to specify a particular IP address for syslog messages: Router(config)#logging source-interface Loopback0 . 5. Clearing the Router's Log. Use the clear logging command to clear the router's internal log buffer: Router#clear logging. Clear logging buffer [confirm]<enter> Router# 6
  3. Once in the VLAN database you can then delete the VLANs you no longer need. router(vlan)#no vlan 2 router(vlan)#apply router(vlan)#exit router(vlan)#no vlan 2 router(vlan)#apply router(vlan)#exit That will remove the VLA

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Next: Cisco Configuration Professional. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Join Now. This is driving me crazy... I have a port on a switch i'm trying to remove the access mode from. I've got bunch of other ports with no mode configured (see screenshot) but it keeps telling me An Interface must be configured to the access or trunk. modes to be. Here is a reworked CCS Script to upgrade 2960's and 3560's. ##### ## Export of Script: IOS Image Upgrade 2960 and 3560 ## Script-Level: 3 ## Script-Category: Uncategorized ##### Script: IOS Image Upgrade 2960 and 3560 Script-Description: This script may be used to help automate image updates for Cisco 2950, 2960, and 3560 series routers and terminal servers

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The Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series uses the traditional write erase command in Cisco IOS Software and deleting of the configuration file and vlan.dat file in ROMMON to reset the switch. The Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series provides an exec factory-reset command that removes all customer-specific data that has been added to the device since the time of its shipping. Erased data includes. The following example shows how to configure a Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch. To configure other types of devices, see the device manufacturer's instructions. Message logging must be enabled on the device. On many devices that generate syslog messages, logging is enabled by default. On the Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch, open the Cisco command-line interface and begin a session. Verify that you are. Configuring the Cisco 2960X Series of Switches for Livewire® Updated 5 months ago by Bryan Jones Scope. Please note that this document applies only to the Cisco 2960X series of switches. While some of these settings will work with other switches, using these commands to program switches, not in this series, could yield unintended results Router(config)# exit. Router# wr. Router# exit. How to Remove a user account for VPN client access. Telent or SSH to the local ip address of your Cisco router and with your admin username and password; Type config t to put you in config mode; Type no username test (basically if you wanted to remove the username) and hit ente In this lesson I will show you how to configure VLANs on Cisco Catalyst Switches and how to assign interfaces to certain VLANs. Let's start with a simple network topology: Let's start with a simple example. H1 and H2 are connected to SW1. First we will look at the default VLAN configuration on SW1: SW1#show vlan VLAN Name Status Ports ---- ----- ----- ----- 1 default active Fa0/1, Fa0/2.

How to Configure Cisco 2960 S to Route?It's known that Cisco 2960 series are layer 2 switches, but now, we will configure Cisco 2960 s to route so that it has the functions of layer 3 switches. Generally speaking, the Switch Database Management template (SDM) needs to be changed to Lanbase-routing. A reboot is (always) needed after changing the SDM template. After reboot, it's just. Question: I try to search for way to delete vtp domain name in cisco WS-C2960S-24TS-L. Now I find only this way to delete (delete vlan.dat -> wr er -> reload). I need to know any way for delete vtp domain name but not reload switch. Answer: ana7609-1#sh.. With many cisco switch user have this problem for a long time. This article is in order to help them solve this problem with an easy method. Easy way to reset Cisco 2960 switch password: First, power off your Cisco 2960 switch by unplugging its cord. As you reconnect the switch to the power source, press and hold the Mode button. On Cisco. How to Configure POE in Cisco 2960? 1. Select the Start button on the Windows XP computer. Click the All Programs icon, and then select the Accessories icon, and then click the command line icon. The command line window will display. 2. Type telnet aaa.bb.c.d at the command prompt, replacing the aaa.bb.c.d with the IP address of the Cisco 2960, and then tap the Enter key. 3. Enter.

This short post details how to perform password recovery on a Cisco 2960X switch. Follow these simple steps to reset password. The biggest problem most people have with doing a password recovery on a 2960 or 3560 is knowing how long to hold the mode button down for Configure SNMPV3 on Cisco Catalyst 2960. Meni T. Cisco, Network Security, SNMP 03/06/2019 03/06/2019 2 Minutes. I found that SNMPV3 works only with Cisco ios ver 15.2 and higher. If your Cisco IOS is not 15.2 or higher you need download it from here. in this configuration, we will create 3 groups. GroupRW - have read and write permission GroupR - have only read permission Full-Access. I can't display running-config on cisco catalyst at privilege 15. 1. How to configure a Cisco Catalyst 2960 to synchronize with an NTP server. 1. CISCO Catalyst switch API. 1. Catalyst 2960-X no xmodem or tftp transfer. Hot Network Questions With 4 I deliver you, With 3 I trouble you, With 2 I kill you What does farm off mean? Count how many times a node is referenced Fast PWM with Arduino.

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copy x-config y-config erase startup-config delete flash:vlan.dat show running-config show startup-config switch1#(conf-term) privilegierten Modus in den globalen Konfigurationmodus z.Bsp running-config nach startup-config Löscht die Konfiguration im NVRAM Löscht die VLAN-Konfiguration in Switches Zeigt die aktuelle Konfiguration a Summary of Contents for Cisco CATALYST 2960. Page 1Catalyst 2960 Switch Hardware Installation Guide March 2010 Americas Headquarters Cisco Systems, Inc. 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose, CA 95134-1706 http://www.cisco.com Tel: 408 526-4000 800 553-NETS (6387) Fax: 408 527-0883 Text Part Number: OL-7075-09.. Use CRTL+Z to come out, then use this command to delete the corrupted image and, guess what...try it again! #del flash:c2960s-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE11.bin 6.- Modify boot image. First of all, enable break at boot just in case we need it: (config)#boot enable-break. To change the boot image, go to conf t and type this In config mode, try service internal and service unsupported-transceiver. Now shut / unshut ports, and remove / reinsert the transceivers. Note: you're rolling the dice, because 3rd-party SFPs are not as easy to do this with as the old GBICs transceivers were

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(config)#username NUTZER password PW: Legt NUTZER mit Kennwort PW an: SSH >enable: Wechselt in den privileged mode: #conf t: Wechselt in den globalen Konfigurationsmodus (config)#ip domain-name domä.ne: Erzeugt den Domänennamen domä.ne (config)#line vty 0 4: Wechselt zu den vty lines 0 bis 4 (config-line)# local: Lokale Nutzer und Kennworte werden verwende How to Configure Cisco 2960 S to Route?It's known that Cisco 2960 series are layer 2 switches, but now, we will configure Cisco 2960 s to route so that it has the functions of layer 3 switches. Generally speaking, the Switch Database Management template (SDM) needs to be changed to Lanbase-routing. A reboot is (always) needed after changing the SDM template. After reboot, it's just like enabling routing on any other Layer 3 switch with the command ip routing from global. (config)#enable secret cisco: Setzt das verschlüsselte Enable Secret: VLANS definieren (1) >enable: Wechselt in den privileged mode: #VLAN database : Wechselt in das VLAN Submenü (vlan)#VLAN2 name VLAN 2: Legt VLAN2 mit dem Namen VLAN2 an: VLANS definieren (2) >enable: Wechselt in den privileged mode: #conf t: Wechselt in den globalen Konfigurationsmodus (config)#vlan 2: Legt VLAN2 an und.

Reset Cisco 2960 series switch to Factory defaults

Switch#conf terminal Switch#copy flash:config.text system:running-config Switch(config)#enable secret cisco Dieser Eintrag wurde veröffentlicht in General Device Configuration am April 20, 2015 von tomsnagiosblog PAMs3550_2#config Configuring from terminal, memory, or network [terminal]? Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. PAMs3550_2(config)#no crypto pki trustpoint HTTPS_SS_CERT_KEYPAIR % Removing an enrolled trustpoint will destroy all certificates received from the related Certificate Authority. Are you sure you want to do this? [yes/no]: ye

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Cisco Catalyst 2960 LAN Base Series — Model Overview ® ® Cisco Catalyst 2960-24PC-L 24 10/100 PoE ports 2 dual-purpose uplink ports Cisco Catalyst 2960G-24TC-L 20 10/100/1000 ports 4 dual-purpose uplink ports Cisco Catalyst 2960-24TC-L 24 10/100 ports 2 dual-purpose uplink ports.. Catalyst 2960-S Switch Getting Started Guide Installing the FlexStack Module Use a flat-blade screwdriver to remove the FlexStack module blank cover on the Step 1 switch back panel. Grasp the FlexStack module on the sides, and insert it into the module slot

2960 switch using Cisco IOS commands. The Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch comes preconfigured and only needs to be assigned basic security information before being connected to a network. To use an IP-based management product or Telnet with a Cisco switch, you must configure a management IP address. You will configure VLAN 1 to provide IP access to management functions. The information in this lab applies to othe Ok I want to setup Nic Teaming on a Server and I need to know what the commands are for the port configuration on a Cisco Switch (2950 or 2960). This could be a team setup for Intel or Broadcom Nics. I'm not completely familiar with the different types of teams and which is better looking for recommendations. I believe what I wish to use though is the standard LACP IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation team. If for some reason you would recommend against this type of team please explain why. If. Versatile, reliable, flexible and powerful, the Cisco switch product line (such as the 2960, 3560, 3650, 3850, 4500, 6500, 9400 series etc) offer unparalleled performance and features. Although a Cisco switch is a much simpler network device compared with other devices (such as routers and firewalls for example), many people have difficulties to configure a Cisco Catalyst Switch. Unlike other.

Share, Support, Subscribe!!! https://www.youtube.com/networkinggurujiuv https://www.facebook.com/NetworkingGurujiuv https://networkinggurujiuv.blogspot.com W.. konfiguracja Cisco Catalyst 2960. Spis treści : Podłączenie. Reset urządzenia do fabrycznych ustawień. Podstawowa konfiguracja. Cwiczenie1: VLAN na pojedynczym przełączniku. Ćwiczenie2: VLAN z wykorzystaniem dwóch przełączników i magistrali TRUNK. Ćwiczenie3: serwer dhcp 1. 1 Configuring IP Unicast Routing for Cisco 2960-X Configuring IP Unicast Routing for Cisco 2960-X: By default, IP routing is disabled on the switch. For detailed IP routing configuration information, see the Cisco IOS IP Configuration Guide, Release 12.2 from the Cisco.com page under Documentation > Cisco IOS Software Releases > 12.2 Mainline > Configuration Guides. In these procedures, the specified interface must be a switch virtual interface (SVI)-a VLAN interface created by using the. The Cisco Catalyst 2960-X NetFlow-Lite configuration is pretty straight forward however it is very different from the IPFIX PSAMP NetFlow-Lite we configured on the Cisco 4948E NetFlow-Lite. The 2960x uses flow sampling without any form of packet capture. However, how to configure the NetFlow-Lite on the Cisco Catalyst 2960-X switches Cisco 2960-X Switches are the next generation of the world's most widely deployed access switches, providing Layer 2 and Layer 3 access features. The switches deliver best-in-class energy efficiency, while preserving your investments through mixed stacking with existing Catalyst 2960-S and SF switches. WS-C2960X-48FPD-L Overview Price: USD3,245.00 48 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports Uplinks: 2x10G.

Trunk port configuration (Cisco) Technology: Switching Area: VLAN Vendor: Cisco Software: 12.X , 15.X, IP Base, IP Services, LAN Base, LAN Light Platform: Catalyst 2960-X, Catalyst 3560. Trunk port configuration example to carry the different VLAN tags between two devices on the same physical link. Vendor agnostic technology (IEEE 802.1Q) Switch(config)# interface GigabitEthernet 0/0/10 Switch. This article shows how to configure your Cisco Catalyst switch 2960G, 3560G, 3750G, 4507R, 4507R-E to use 3rd party SFPs. Learn the secret CLI commands required, to maximise your catalyst switch's compatibility with 3rd party sfp's. Discover where 3rd party SFPs can be used without hesitation SW2(config)#vlan 50 SW2(config-vlan)#name Computers SW2(config-vlan)#exit. And let's put the interfaces connected to the computers in the correct VLAN: SW1(config)#interface fa0/1 SW1(config-if)#switchport access vlan 50 SW2(config)#interface fa0/2 SW2(config-if)#switchport access vlan 50. The next step is to create a trunk between the two switches. Technically the interfaces between the two switches can also be in access mode right now because I only have a single VLAN At that point, the accompanying focuses are subtle elements of Cisco 2960 switch arrangement. 1. Interface the hosts to the switch and arrange them. Arrange the hosts to utilize a similar IP subnet for the location and cover as on the switch. Try not to interface have H3 to the switch yet. 2. Associate the switch to the switch and arrange the switch. Associate the switch to switch port Fa0/5. And after that design the switch with the host name Customer Router, the support access.

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